A New Era for IR

Jan 2018

Today, we are excited to announce that JM Strategic Communications is rebranding as Ellipsis.

Our new name is timed to reflect both the momentum we’ve built and our view of where the financial communications landscape is moving. The ellipsis – often referred to as “the three dots” or just “dot dot dot” -- is used to invite conversation, to create intrigue, to say “more to come”. The ellipsis has become a fixture of written communication in the mobile Internet age. Like the three blinking dots on your phone as you await a text reply, it symbolizes expectancy about what comes next in the conversation.

In other words, the ellipsis often suggests that what’s most important in any given moment is what you will say next.

We’re moving forward under the Ellipsis banner because if we’ve learned one thing in our first three years, it’s that financial communications is changing rapidly, with profound impact on how public companies and those thinking about going public engage with the investment community.

Many companies ask where IR can make a difference if the markets are really all about performance, valuation and execution. IR plays a key role in all of these areas, but we think where it matters most is in the space where perception is defined, where investors prize credibility, transparency, accountability … and a compelling story. And this space is becoming much more critical.

There are fewer public companies today for good reason. Serving shareholders is often thankless work, and there are other options out there. Some of the world’s most valuable companies are private, some of them fewer than 10 years old. As they contemplate IPOs they’re looking not just at preserving their lofty valuations; they also face intense scrutiny from an investment community that moves at an increasingly frantic pace. Information travels – and is processed by investors – near real-time. The rising tides of activism and passive investing pose additional challenges, from short attacks to boardroom coups to greater investor influence over corporate governance. And coming developments like MiFid II promise to fundamentally change the rules of engagement between companies and the investment community.

These dynamics put a heavy premium on managing the ongoing dialogue with Wall Street. This is where IR matters … and where Ellipsis thrives. In the three years since our founding, Ellipsis has served companies from early-stage to Fortune 50 with an array of capabilities including investor relations, IPO readiness, transaction and proxy advisory and corporate communications. In just the past year our highly experienced and growing team has counseled clients through two of the largest IPOs currently in registration, transformational M&A, strategic pivots, executive changes, successful governance campaigns, proxy fights, short attacks and Chapter 11.

Whether your communications challenge is business-critical or simply the next stage in the dialogue, the margin for error is shrinking. These are the challenges that Ellipsis is made for, and we’re excited about what’s to come…

For more, visit www.ellipsisir.com.

Originally Published on LinkedIn

Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/new-era-ir-jeff-majtyka/