Happy New Year From Ellipsis

Jan 2023

Happy New Year!

2022 was tough, to be sure, and we’re not out of the woods yet. But all cycles turn, and this one will too. That’s why we are entering 2023 with renewed energy and long-term optimism.

First and foremost, we deeply appreciate the opportunity to work with all of you through your complex messaging & business challenges over the past year, and we’re grateful to our wider circle of friends for your continual engagement, partnership, and support. Ellipsis is wrapping its 7th year, and we’re fully aware that the firm’s success is rooted in the relationships we have built together.

As we look ahead to the new year, our Ellipsis tagline seems especially apt: “What you say next matters most …” The pressures of today’s environment weigh heavily on both sides of the ongoing dialogue between companies and the financial community. Investors have shifted back to basic fundamentals: profits (or paths to profits), cash flows, capital allocation. Company leadership and boards are facing unprecedented challenges that will force some very tough decisions in the months ahead.

Everyone knows this is a long game, but playing that game gets a lot harder when near-term challenges become acute. The way through is to recognize that investors are ultimately looking for reasons to believe. And belief requires compelling narrative, strong credibility and effective expectations management. Our role is to help you build belief, support and advocacy, and those who invest in doing it right will be best positioned for market recovery.

At Ellipsis, we value our role as “trusted advisors” to our clients. This role goes well beyond the core function of “investor relations.” Increasingly, companies – both management teams and boards – are relying on us as a “thought partner” – an uncompromised advisor who doesn’t have the ultimate goal of a transaction or capital markets event influencing their opinion. A partner who appreciates your story and your long-term business goals, and can help you reach them. To drive this point home, we are “tweaking” our brand to focus on our role as “trusted advisors.” Our refreshed website at www.EllipsisTA.com highlights the growth in our team and our capabilities.

Our experienced team has lived through many market cycles. We look forward to rising to 2023’s challenges and delivering advice and services that enable you to optimize the value you are creating.

We hope you had a restful holiday season and wish you a healthy and successful new year!

The Ellipsis Team