Headshot of Keith Ferguson

Keith Ferguson

Senior Advisor

Capital markets analyst and corporate growth strategist, Keith Ferguson, has spent his career investigating that Clayton Christensen statement—unraveling and reconstructing the business differentiators that make companies winners and losers.

During his 28-year Wall Street career, Keith analyzed and advised on the performance characteristics that define the world’s most successful companies, even when challenged by crashes and crises.

His industry breadth, insight, and experience evaluating 800+ pre-IPO to Fortune 500 companies helped drive not only Alpha performance for institutional clients, but also delivered new ways for company leaders to analyze their own business practices.

Keith today advises business leaders on refining long-term growth strategies by leveraging the complex interplay between Wall Street, Capitol Hill, competitors, and their own companies. Many of those leaders—including board members, CEOs, and CFOs—also seek Keith’s independent advice on investor credibility influences such as competitive differentiation, P&L guidance, and ROIC, as well as investors’ potential reception to provocative business maneuvers.